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      Yuanxin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise in the production of medicine and food packaging machines. It has modern processing equipment, advanced technology, perfect quality management, professional engineering and technical personnel team, and set up a new product development and Research Institute. Our company's products meet GMP standards, provide users with superior and efficient products, and train maintenance operators, long-term preferential supply of spare parts and warranty for one year, so that you can buy and use at ease. The dph-130 aluminum plastic rapid packaging machine produced by our company integrates the advantages of format and roller packaging machine. It is an advanced multi-functional packaging machine in the world. Dpt-130f / 250F frequency modulation packaging machine and dpt-130 / 70 type packaging machine are twice the efficiency of the same type. Recently...

      Yuanxin packing machine solemnly promises to use first and pay later
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      Tel: 17741964747 13390370906 13897868048 0416-4569733

      Add: Hejia village, wendilou Township, Linghai City, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province